Types of Tile

Alita Tile Inc. has the tile for you in Suffolk County, NY. We have a wide collection of tiles at our tile warehouse in Bohemia and Ronkonkoma. Here you will find the pros and cons of different types of tiles.

Ceramic Tile

Alita Tile Inc.View MoreMaintenance-free ceramic tile is recommended for most wall applications. It can be used as floor applications, but only in areas with very little traffic, as it’s not as durable as other forms of tile. It’s also a very affordable material and a good choice if you’re looking to keep costs down. A nice simple subway tile is usually made of ceramic and very inexpensive as well as other nice wall tiles.

Porcelain Tile

Alita Tile Inc. View MorePorcelain tile is used in residential and commercial settings. Sturdier than ceramic tile and less likely to chip or crack, it is maintenance-free and recommended for all interior applications, floors and walls. In fact, most contractors recommend porcelain for all floor tiles, as they are scratch proof, stain proof, fire proof and waterproof. Many of the newer styles are made of porcelain and use digital technology to enhance the quality of the real image. Some are even frost proof so they can be used in outdoor projects.


Alita Tile Inc.View MoreMarble is a beautiful natural stone material that is very difficult to imitate. It is also a fairly soft material that is porous and more prone to scratching, so it needs to be maintained 1-4 times a year, depending on the traffic in the area it’s being used. When marble is sealed properly and maintained regularly, it’s natural beauty can be maintained for years to come. Marble can come with a polished (shiny) or honed (matte) finish. Polished is easier to clean, but the honed marble is stronger and more durable.

Subway Tile

Alita Tile Inc.View MoreSubway tiles are rectangular, high-gloss ceramic tiles that are perfect for a backsplash or a shower. These tiles are inexpensive, durable, and versatile and will match with just about anything!


Alita Tile Inc.There are many different versions of grout. Grout fills in the space between the tiles and is initially very porous and difficult to maintain. Grout should be sealed 1-4 times a year, depending on where it is used, and you can add a sealer to your grout to make it stronger and less porous. Epoxy grout is very strong and durable and is your best choice for grout, but it is hard to install. It can be premixed or you mix the materials together, depending on the brand. There are also premixed grouts that are waterproof and water resistant.


Alita Tile Inc.View MoreGlass tile is used as an accent to make the area pop. You can use glass as a border vertically or horizontally. Glass can also be used as a whole wall to really make a room pop and make a statement. Glass is not as durable as other tiles, but is a fine choice for wall applications. Glass is easy maintenance as well.

Woodlook Porcelain

Alita Tile Inc.View MoreDurable porcelain tile, that imitates the look of natural hard-wood, won’t scratch like real hardwood will, so when you are re arranging your furniture you can slide heavy furniture over porcelain and not have to worry about scratching your floor. It also holds up to water, so if you have a flood it wont get damaged or buckle on you. You don’t need to refinish your porcelain floor, because it doesn’t wear down over time.

Stone Mosaic

Alita Tile Inc.View MoreMosaics have many uses. They can be used on shower floors to meet a certain pitch. They make a nice pop for a backsplash. They can be inserted to accent your tile. They can be used as a border to give your wall or floor a little pop. They also make a nice bathroom floor, especially the basket weave mosaic.