• “We were looking for tiles for our home to put in the downstairs Den and entrance of our hi-ranch. The combination of tiles they came up with were amazing. We had been to a couple of big box stores and couldn’t get real service other then pointed in the direction of the isle. They were amazingly patient and helpful throughout the process.

    We highly recommend going to a professional not a big box store to get something that will be a permanent addition to our home.”

    - Ricky D

  • “When Superstorm Sandy hit New York, the entire south shore of Long Island was hit hard. My father in law lost both cars, his basement flooded and ruined the boiler, pretty much total devastation. I was lucky, our floors were ruined.

    People rebuilt their homes and a few recommended Alita Tile & Design. The masses ran to Home Depot. For something that I’ll see everyday, I wanted to be more selective with my insurance claim.

    We walk in and were greeted by a friendly face. I gave our salesperson the square footage of my floor and were showed a wide range of floor tiles.

    Do you like these Italian tiles, they are made with the ash from Pompeii. Yesssss!

    We make our selection choice and now it comes to the price. Out comes the sweetest man, the owner Dennis. Yeah, I’ll give you a good price. no worries.

    He not only gave us a great price but it wasn’t too far off the standard tiles they sell at Home Depot.

    Dennis introduces his son to us, a father and son business?! Yeah, I’m a total fan at this point.

    Excellant tile selections, smooth delivery and just a pleasure to support a local Long Island business with quality products.”

    - Bill S

  • “Fantastic tile store! Forget the big box stores these guys know their tile. We got service like the old days!”

    - A Google User

  • “I live in Manhattan and visited many tile places. I visited Alita Inc. a place that has been around since I was a kid. We found the perfect color and design for a great price.”

    - A Google User